Terrazzo Refinishing for Your Kitchen Renovation

11373473 - view of a beautiful classic rich dining room with travertine floor

Terrazzo flooring is under a lot of carpeting, vinyl and tile. Throughout the country, there are homes that were built in the 1950’s and 60’s that have terrazzo flooring beneath whatever is currently in place. At one time, terrazzo flooring was a very popular option in homes — especially in coastal, beachy areas.

Terrazzo flooring is a conglomeration of stone, marble and glass mixed into a resinous matrix. The terrazzo is poured, left to dry completely and then ground and polished.

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation and find that terrazzo is beneath your tiles then it would be a good idea to have the flooring refinished. Always contact a professional terrazzo refinishing service for this procedure though. Fabricmasters.com near Jacksonville is one example of a high quality craftsman.

Terrazzo refinishing procedures are determined by the condition of the floor in question. Many times tackless strip have been drilled or hammered to install carpet. We can fill these holes.

Terrazzo refinishing the surface includes two different options at very different price points.

The first terrazzo refinishing option is to clean the floor, and apply a sealer. Most reputable refinishing companies will use a floor machine to clean the floor and then extract the slurry with a truck mounted steam cleaner. They will apply a sealant specifically designed for terrazzo flooring. This process is less expensive and less time consuming. It is also a process that will need to be repeated depending on how much traffic the floor sees. It is cheaper, but does not last as long.

The second terrazzo refinishing option, which costs more but lasts longer, is to restore it using a wet diamond grinder on the floor. The company will take the floor to the lowest grit necessary to remove the stains and scratches that can be removed and then polish it to finish. After this treatment the floor will look like high end glossy marble floor without any grout lines.

This treatment is a terrific value because the finish lasts many years and does not need to be recoated.


Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor


You ought to choose the right kitchen remodeling contractor whether the remodeling work is extensive or not. With so many contractors out there, it is important that you take your time when evaluating potential providers. If you have no idea on how to approach choosing such an expert, below are guidelines to help you make an informed decision.

It is important that you choose among established service providers. While a newbie can still deliver, it would be wiser if you choose a provider with a proven record of accomplishment. It is advisable that you choose among experts that have been working in your locality for long. This would mean that they are familiar with local building codes. Asking to see pictures of some of the projects the expert has completed before would be a wise decision. You can view website here for more great tips!

Inquire regarding availability before putting pen to paper. A reliable contractor would not start a project before assessing it first. If your choice one simply quotes a price over the telephone, working with them would be a bad decision. It is also important that you ask for a concrete answer regarding when the project would start and how long it would take to complete. You need to be sure that the provider does not have a longish client list. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started.

Ensure that your choice provider is insured. You have to ensure that the provider has insurance cover to protect themselves, yourself, and your property. An insured provider would be safe to work with because you would not be held liable in case they sustain injuries on site. You would also be sure that you would be compensated in case the experts damage your property. Asking for copies of the contractor’s insurance certificates would be a wise move.

Get to know whether your choice provider outsources. While outsourcing is not wrong, it comes with plenty of inconveniences, especially if the remodeler outsources to incompetent providers. It is important that you choose a provider with a sufficient in-house workforce. This is because subcontractors can be a challenge regarding management. Ensure that they always check the backgrounds of their staff before hiring them.

It is important that you choose among remodelers that always set payment schedules. These speak a lot regarding a potential provider’s work ethic and financial status. A professional that demands half of the payment upfront is suspect. It means that might be financially unstable or worried that you would not pay the rest of the bid after seeing their work. Please view  this site http://www.wikihow.com/Prepare-for-a-Kitchen-Renovation for further details.

Best Tips on Getting Kitchen Remodeling Accomplished


Projects seem to always need to be done on a home. Homeowners can certainly relate to that statement and especially as the years go by. The commitment of buying a home is a big one and that comes with big rewards. Rewards come from having a comfortable and secure place to come home whenever you like. The commitment comes from keeping it that comfortable and secure place just as the day you opened the front door with your first set of keys. You can click this link www.contractorconnection.com/Kitchen-Remodeling/Expert/Services for more info.

There are sometimes projects that seem to come up often in some years. Other years, it can seem as though nothing needs to be done and all is well. As the years go by, people will often notice things that need to be updated or remodeled inside the home. The kitchen is a popular room in the home and most family members go in there daily. Some have to prepare and cook meals daily and that can make the kitchen even more important as a base of operations. An outdated or uncomfortable kitchen can be a hindrance to comfort and convenience and that is when a kitchen remodeling project needs to be undertaken.

Some things that can be done during a kitchen remodeling is the replacement of flooring, appliances, and cabinets. There can also be a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper applied to the walls to add to the overall appeal of the room and give it a new appearance. Many things can be done that make the kitchen a better-looking and more functional space. One of the best tips for accomplishing this improved room is to hire experienced contractors for the work. Experienced contractors can get projects done in a professional and polished way and make everything look and feel the way it is dreamed of. Here’s a good read about kitchen remodeling, check it out! 

A top tip for hiring experienced contractors is to look up names of local contracting companies and find as much as possible about them. There are contracting review sites out there that make researching contractors easy as they have customer reviews shown freely and that are unbiased and honest. A highly rated contractor will have great reviews and a good reputation in their area. It will be vital to the success of the kitchen remodeling project to have these excellent professionals working at your home. Another great tip is to ensure that you have a budget set up that you can work with financially without going in the hole too far. Kindly visit this website http://www.ehow.com/list_6557144_inexpensive-kitchen-remodeling-ideas.html for more useful reference.

4 Reasons to Have Kitchen Remodeling Done


One of the most common home improvement projects is kitchen remodeling. That’s because the kitchen is usually a highly trafficked area in many homes. Children love to do their homework there; parents can go there and do stuff. So if your kitchen isn’t currently fulfilling its potential, here are some reasons why you might need to remodel it. You can visit Contractor Connection here.

Too small

If your kitchen has gotten too small to house your family, or guests, then it is time to think about kitchen remodeling. If you’ve lived in your house for years, you’ve probably had a healthy increase in family members. At first, your kitchen was the perfect area for you and your partner to have breakfast and relax over some coffee. Now, over time, your kitchen is filled with children and it’s becoming too small. Thus, you’ll need to consider expansion. Learn more about kitchen renovation, check it out here.

Not functional

Sometimes, you might wonder how some rooms in your home were designed. If you love cooking, but your kitchen doesn’t let you work efficiently, then you probably could do with some nice kitchen remodeling. Nowadays, there are numerous options available that will help you achieve your ideal kitchen. And the good news is that some designs will make this room not only a cooking area but also your home’s focal point.


If your kitchen’s stuck in the old times, then you don’t have to suffer anymore. According to most design shows, kitchens sell properties, so if you’re thinking of selling your home, you should first update the cooking area.

Or, alternatively, if you are not selling but only want more functional space and a more decorative room, then it is best to reconstruct your kitchen. One of the funniest things is that many people are unaware of how bad their kitchen is until they come across all the new equipment, options, and designs that have emerged over the years. After your cooking space is redone, you will probably be mad at yourself for not taking care of the issue sooner.

Moving is no option

Sometimes, regardless of how badly you might want to relocate to a new place, the idea just isn’t possible. Fortunately, that does not mean you remain with the same design in any of your rooms. These days, kitchen renovation is in vogue and the good thing about it is that it’s cheaper than relocating to a new home in order to find more space. Do some research and use a professional remodeling service to make sure you create the space you have always wanted. Take a look at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitchen for more information.