Terrazzo Refinishing for Your Kitchen Renovation

11373473 - view of a beautiful classic rich dining room with travertine floor

Terrazzo flooring is under a lot of carpeting, vinyl and tile. Throughout the country, there are homes that were built in the 1950’s and 60’s that have terrazzo flooring beneath whatever is currently in place. At one time, terrazzo flooring was a very popular option in homes — especially in coastal, beachy areas.

Terrazzo flooring is a conglomeration of stone, marble and glass mixed into a resinous matrix. The terrazzo is poured, left to dry completely and then ground and polished.

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation and find that terrazzo is beneath your tiles then it would be a good idea to have the flooring refinished. Always contact a professional terrazzo refinishing service for this procedure though. Fabricmasters.com near Jacksonville is one example of a high quality craftsman.

Terrazzo refinishing procedures are determined by the condition of the floor in question. Many times tackless strip have been drilled or hammered to install carpet. We can fill these holes.

Terrazzo refinishing the surface includes two different options at very different price points.

The first terrazzo refinishing option is to clean the floor, and apply a sealer. Most reputable refinishing companies will use a floor machine to clean the floor and then extract the slurry with a truck mounted steam cleaner. They will apply a sealant specifically designed for terrazzo flooring. This process is less expensive and less time consuming. It is also a process that will need to be repeated depending on how much traffic the floor sees. It is cheaper, but does not last as long.

The second terrazzo refinishing option, which costs more but lasts longer, is to restore it using a wet diamond grinder on the floor. The company will take the floor to the lowest grit necessary to remove the stains and scratches that can be removed and then polish it to finish. After this treatment the floor will look like high end glossy marble floor without any grout lines.

This treatment is a terrific value because the finish lasts many years and does not need to be recoated.


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